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My hope was when we started this company...

That in some way we could pay it forward and help people see the freedom in sobriety and that it isn't a disease that discriminates... but one that is treatable one day at a time. Sending all of you love and light and another day filled with hope courage and the capacity to give away what you have so freely been given. Sober is sexy... sprinkle that stuff everywhere! XO

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  • I honestly think your products are great and the message is something that people who have an addiction really really need to hear that someone else is going through the same thing as Me and that they were actually able to get treatment and start to get their own life back together again and rebuild the relationships with their own family and friends that was damaged in addiction and that even though we may have had a bad addiction in the past that we can move past that chapter in life and we may not have any ways to change the past but we damn sure can change the future and start living a sober and healthy lifestyle and I know that everyday is a struggle to stay sober and each day sober is a million times better than a day in addiction and that it is not going to be easy but if it was easy then there would never be addiction and just remember that even if you relapse that as long as you can remember everything you learned in treatment and can go to detox program and start moving forward and staying away from every one that was in your past that still has a addiction and that is what will help you to remain in sobriety and you can rebuild your life and relationships and have a great life and over time it gets easier to stay in sobriety and honestly it truly helps to go to as many programs and meeting you can cause going to N.A or A.A meetings and if you can possibly get a sponsor that really helps cause then you have some one that understands everything you’re going through and been through and can help you in the moments of feeling like you may relapse again and they will talk to you every day and anytime you need to talk to someone who will listen to you and help guide you through the day by day struggles in the early stages of your sobriety and you will find with meetings you will meet people who were in the same position you are right now and have been sober and living healthy lifestyle and some people in meetings have been sober for any where from a few days to up to 40 years , like my sponsor has been in sobriety for 46 years and she is honestly a great person who has really helped me to do everything I possibly can to make good choices and decisions and take action for everything I have done in my past and to become a better person in my future and start the process of rebuilding my life and everything I lost in my life from my addiction to heroin and cocaine and she has made me realize that my choices when I was using drugs were hurting myself and everyone that was in my life that cared about me and that I now understand why my mom had to stop answering my calls and how my actions had hurt her and every day and night her phone would ring and she didn’t recognize the number that her heart would stop for a few minutes and every time she was scared that it was the city morgue or the hospital saying that I was found either hurt or I had overdosed and that I was dead or in hospital in critical condition and she said every day was a living nightmare and she was always terrified of getting that call and the one thing that she has told me when I decided to get help for myself and take back my life and go to detox and rehab facility was that she doesn’t have to worry anymore cause she can sleep easier knowing that I am sober and knows exactly where I am and that I am safe and she says that never having to always live in fear of getting a call that your only child has been found dead from a overdose is honestly the best possible gift I could ever give her and that she is truly grateful for all the time we can now spend together and start making new memories together and rebuild the relationship between us that I had damaged and every night before bed she would pray to God that he would guide me and keep me safe and each night begged him to help her to save my life cause she missed the Time we would always spend before I begin using drugs at 15 years old after I had been at a high school party and I had 2 guys that were 19 and 20 years old and they kept on bugging me and my friend and we both told them that we are not interested and when we had decided to leave the party they had followed us and they ran to catch up with us girls and they grabbed us and held both of us down And took turns raping her and myself and after that I just wanted to die and I was introduced to oxy pills and morphine pills and over time it was not doing anything anymore and I had a friend introduce me to heroin and cocaine and I felt like I finally found something that made me forget about real life and what happened to me and my friend that night and I quickly became a different person and the drug took over my life and everything I possibly cared about and I ended up losing control of my life and soul to drugs and if I didn’t overdose and I had a lady who had been jogging find me unconscious and barely breathing and my pulse was so faint and she was a nurse and her car was just half a block or less away and she had narcan on her in her first aid kit and she ran to get the narcan shot and gave me it and had a ambulance on the way to get me and if I had not been lucky and had her find me I would not be alive today and my poor mom would have had a call from the morgue and saying that I was dead and that would have crushed her and I would never want her to have to go through that and be the one that broke her heart and she wouldn’t have dealt with my death well cause I am all she has in life and she is all I have so I couldn’t imagine if I wouldn’t have been as lucky and I know it would have been the worst possible call for any parent to get and I have been trying to make up for everything I put my mom through cause I had been selfish and if only I could have got counseling services instead of drugs I would have never lost a few years with out anyone who cared for me

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  • I think your philosophy is awesome, and you are so very brave to have put yourself and your sobriety/recovery out in the open for the world to see, in order to help others. Thank you, and I just wanted to say I’m inspired by you!🙌 I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS TOO!!!

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