Relationships are interesting in took me a long time to figure out the difference between love and wanting to self medicate through relationships. I am currently separated from my husband and am feeling some pretty strong feelings of sadness and loss. In my past relationships I would move on to the next ego fix not realizing that until I could see my patterns...I couldn't change them. Relationships are a mirror and have always shown me exactly where I am...I just choose not to look. The difference this that I am not running,I am sitting with myself and going within to heal the broken pieces. No one ever wants to be uncomfortable...but it is in that pain that true freedom occurs...and a better understanding of past choices. Until we learn to forgive ourselves and seek a higher ground...then it seems we always go back to what we know..trying to fix it. I am learning to be alone...and feel the power of that,to look to other women for support and guidance and to know that if I stay sober and continue to delve into my past I can change my present. I don't turn to a drink or a drug today....I turn within to a power greater than me and trust in the journey.


  • Mike Siegel

    September 30, 2017

    Brilliantly perceptive post. Just so hard to feel your own pain and understand that brings growth and transformation. Especially if you are empathic.I am going through it too.

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